About me / Founder

My name is Adriana Caicedo McDonald and I am from Panama. I have eleven years of experience teaching English to both children and adults. In the year 2011 everything changed, I got married and moved to Germany. But I have been lucky enough to keep doing what I love which is teaching.

During my formal studies in the university, I always appreciated teachers that cared, the ones that went the extra mile to make a class interesting, and I took them as role models.  It is no secret to all educators in the world that what matters is to have a positive environment and very interesting and enjoyable classes.

With those facts in mind I am always looking for new and fun activities to use in my classes, this passion for my profession has led me to a long list of happy students, thrilled to come to class, have fun and learn a new language.

Today I have the opportunity to open this language school where I apply the immersion method together with meaningful and fun activities that will make you never forget a new word or a grammar rule. Remember, you learn to speak another language by speaking.